Gmina Miasto Brzeziny: Investment offer

Detailed description of the offer Not built-up area
Offer`s designation Industries, Warehouses
Area 7.6215 ha (76215 m2)
Special Economic Zone No
Province Łódzkie
County powiat brzeziński
Miejscowość Brzeziny
Address Św. Anny
Owner Property of the Commune
Sale / Lease Sale
Land Use Planning Yes
Variation in area levels No
Building height restrictions No


Nearest motorway A1
Distance to a motorway 10 km - 25 km
Nearest airport Łódź - Lublinek
Distance to an airport 25 km - 50 km
Distance to a siding Less than 10 km

Area development

Power system No
Electricity: opportunity to access Yes
Electricity: distance to a junction 700
Natural gas supply system No
Natural gas: opportunity to access No
Water supply system No
Water: opportunity to access Yes
Water: distance to a water connection 700
Sanitation system No
Sanitation: opportunity to access Yes
Sanitation: distance to a sanitation connection 700
Sanitation: rainwater drainage system No

Tenderer: Gmina Miasto Brzeziny

Czytaj w języku polskim

Brzeziny is a city located in the center of Poland and ‎‎Lodz voivodship within the Lodz Agglomeration and Lodz metropolitan area. The city of Brzeziny, which serves as the district capital, takes the area of 21.6 km2 and is a place of residence of 12.5 thousand people. Brzeziny is surrounded by Brzeziny rural municipality inhabited by approximately 5.5 thousand inhabitants, which makes a total of human potential in a number of about 18 thousand people. The city of Brzeziny is located on the 72 Lodz-Warsaw national road, 23 km from the junction of the A1 and A2 motorways in Stryków - Lodz-North junction, 12 km from Brzeziny junction located on the A1 motorway at the junction of national road No. 72 After 2015, the City of Brzeziny will be supported by five exits/entries on the A1/A2 motorway, located within a radius of 25 km. Also the construction of Brzeziny bypass along the national road No. 72 is planned. The nearest railroad station is located at a distance of 7 km - in Koluszki and 8 km - in Rogów. At a distance of 20 km from Brzeziny on the Lodz Olechow station a railroad connection with China was opened, which allows intermodal transportaiton of goods. The nearest airport serving domestic and foreign flights is located about 30 km from Brzeziny - in Lodz. At a distance of 109 km from Brzeziny Warsaw - Okecie airport is located, which can be reached via the A-2 motorway and S2 dual carriageway within one hour. Due to a perfect location, Brzeziny is a very good place for potential investors aiming at warehouse activities, manufacturing or services. In Brzeziny the JHM Development company has already invested, who has built a modern housing estate, where the managers of new investors can find new apartments. A very strong advantage is that the employees from outside the city have the opportunity to commute with the public transport.

Dear investors! Below we present a map with marking locations of the investment.

Strefa 1 (Wojska Polskiego street) - Renewable energy and logistics zone

Strefa 2 (Waryńskiego street) - Logistics zone

Strefa 3 (Wodociągowa street) - Renewable energy zone

Strefa 4 (Strykowska street) - First residence zone

Strefa 5 (Strykowska street) - Second residence zone

Strefa 6 (Św. Anny street) - Industry zone


Gmina Miasto Brzeziny
Sienkiewicza 16 95-060 Brzeziny
tel. 46 874 22 24
fax. 46 874 27 93