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Brzeziny is a city located in the center of Poland and ‎‎Lodz voivodship within the Lodz Agglomeration and Lodz metropolitan area. The city of Brzeziny, which serves as the district capital, takes the area of 21.6 km2 and is a place of residence of 12.5 thousand people. Brzeziny is surrounded by Brzeziny rural municipality inhabited by approximately 5.5 thousand inhabitants, which makes a total of human potential in a number of about 18 thousand people. The city of Brzeziny is located on the 72 Lodz-Warsaw national road, 23 km from the junction of the A1 and A2 motorways in Stryków - Lodz-North junction, 12 km from Brzeziny junction located on the A1 motorway at the junction of national road No. 72 After 2015, the City of Brzeziny will be supported by five exits/entries on the A1/A2 motorway, located within a radius of 25 km. Also the construction of Brzeziny bypass along the national road No. 72 is planned. The nearest railroad station is located at a distance of 7 km - in Koluszki and 8 km - in Rogów. At a distance of 20 km from Brzeziny on the Lodz Olechow station a railroad connection with China was opened, which allows intermodal transportaiton of goods. The nearest airport serving domestic and foreign flights is located about 30 km from Brzeziny - in Lodz. At a distance of 109 km from Brzeziny Warsaw - Okecie airport is located, which can be reached via the A-2 motorway and S2 dual carriageway within one hour. Due to a perfect location, Brzeziny is a very good place for potential investors aiming at warehouse activities, manufacturing or services. In Brzeziny the JHM Development company has already invested, who has built a modern housing estate, where the managers of new investors can find new apartments. A very strong advantage is that the employees from outside the city have the opportunity to commute with the public transport.

Dear investors! Below we present a map with marking locations of the investment.

Strefa 1 (Wojska Polskiego street) - Renewable energy and logistics zone

Strefa 2 (Waryńskiego street) - Logistics zone

Strefa 3 (Wodociągowa street) - Renewable energy zone

Strefa 4 (Strykowska street) - First residence zone

Strefa 5 (Strykowska street) - Second residence zone

Strefa 6 (Św. Anny street) - Industry zone

Human Resources

Brzeziny is the district administrative capital and the industrial and service center. Mid-level professional and management staff are trained in Lodz universities, especially in the fields of information technology, law and administration, and socio-economics, and technical departments of the Technical University of Lodz. In the city of Brzeziny there are high schools and occupational schools, which continually adapt their offer to the needs of the job market. Moreover, the city of Brzeziny is one of three cities in Poland, who use social clauses in public procurement and thus support the people with disabilities in the job market. The investments realized in previous years by the local government have significantly improved the social, road, sanitation and water-sewage infrastructure of the city, improving the availability of those services to the inhabitants and investors.

Location and infrastructure

The 95% of the city has water supply system, the city has a mechanical-biological sewage treatment plant with a capacity of an average of 11 thousand m3 per year, the supply of electricity - 4 lines of 110 kV, a new PGE station - Primary Power Supply (PPS), heat energy supply - 14.5 MW from the local Thermal Energy Enterprise, the city has a modern digital telephone exchange and fiber-optic network, is also included in the service of all mobile network operators. The city has a solid waste landfill, located within its borders managed by own entities. The city of Brzeziny is in 100% covered by Local Spatial Development Plan. Brzeziny Municipality in 2013 adopted a new study of conditions and directions of spatial development of Brzeziny. In the offer we present the destination of the areas in the adopted study. In Brzeziny there are located all the necessary institutions like banks and offices, needed to run and ensure the proper functioning of economic activities, including: District office in Brzeziny, District Inspector of Construction Supervision in Brzeziny, Local European Funds Information Point in the Central Sub-Region, based at the district office in Brzeziny, Social Insurance Institution, Agricultural Social Insurance Fund, the Tax Office, Statistical Office, District Prosecutor's Office, Land Registry located in the Court in Brzeziny and other: District Police Headquarters in Brzeziny, State Fire Service District Headquarter in Brzeziny, City Guard Brzeziny. All issues in the Brzeziny City Hall and other institutions regarding establishing and running a business are handled "on the spot". Currently the city of Brzeziny conducts a project entitled "Preparation of investment areas for localization of Brzeziny Investment Zone", which has received funding from the European Regional Development Fund. The aim of the project is to attract investors, who will invest in warehouse activities, manufacturing or services in the prepared investment area with the field of 10.5 ha, located in Brzeziny in Waryński Street, that is modernized voivodship road leading directly to Strykow. The city of Brzeziny has also to offer a 10 ha area in Wojska Polskiego Streeet, that is voivodship road leading to the A2 motorway entrance in Łyszkowice and 7.6 ha area in Św. Anny Street for use as production areas, magazines, warehouses and services; 8.6 ha and 7.7 ha areas in Brzeziny in Strykowska Street for use for single family housing of residence character. We offer all legal and material help that are at the disposition of the city government and businesses and institutions located on its area. Investors can count on the professional handling of their projects. Due to active pro-investment politics of the city, more and more companies from outside decide to locate their investments here. The city government is open to all kinds of offers of cooperation with domestic and foreign investors. The city is a domestic leader in the field of Social Economy, which increases comfort of staff recruitment. We cordially invite you to Brzeziny. In our city you will find the perfect conditions for realization of your plans. Marcin Pluta Mayor of Brzeziny Contact: Mayor of Brzeziny Sienkiewicza 16 95-060 Brzeziny phone: 046 874 22 24, fax: 046 874 27 93 e-mail: Contact person: Kamila Pabin


Gmina Miasto Brzeziny
Sienkiewicza 16 95-060 Brzeziny
tel. 46 874 22 24
fax. 46 874 27 93